Pet Reflections™ Cares.

That special relationship between people and their pets defies explanation.  When a pet passes on, a trusting companion is lost.  It is during this time of grief that pet owners are called upon to make arrangements for their animal friend.  Here at PetReflections we will treat your pet with dignity and take care of your beloved pets after death special needs as if they were one of our own.

As pet owners ourselves we realize the importance in assuring our customers that your pet will be safely returned.  We utilize numbered stainless steel identification tags that accompany your animal through the entire process.  The number on the ID tag coincides with the number on the information tag that has the owner and their pet’s information.  You will actually have both the information tag and matching ID tag returned to you with the remains of your pet.

PetReflections can make arrangements with a licensed professional for on site or at home pet euthanasia by appointment. Special arrangements can also be made for pet remains to be available for pick up 8 hours after the pet has arrived at our facility.

PetReflections offers several levels of cremation. We are available for questions that will help you as a pet owner decide the best level that suits you and your pet.

Whichever level of cremation you choose for your pet, PetReflections highly recommends ordering a handcrafted ceramic paw print of your pets paw.

We offer a large variety of custom pet urns in wood, ceramic, marble, brass, and pewter.  You can also choose from an assortment of memorial items such as custom engraved glass photo frames, paw prints, and jewelry urns.

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